marți, 25 noiembrie 2008

Those are the first photos from my first collection.They where taken last summer by Ovi .

Some things changed and ears have been addet, but the basics remaind the same.

Model:me and Manu


luni, 17 noiembrie 2008

This is me(left)  with one of my models.

those pictures were taken last weekend at the fashion show at the Iulius Mall Timisoara.


Intro this part of the huge blogspot world you will see my stuff, the clothes and accesories i design and make for the people who like fashion and ....cute stuff.

In this first lines, let me tell you something about myself:iIstudied fashion design for 3 years , I graduated last year at the University of Arts in Timisoara/Roamnia. I get my inspiration from cartoons,people, and the fact that i like to be diferent. I love cartoon network, especially ''Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.''

And now ladies and gentalman: let's have a look at my first colection.