sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2011

O vizita la Atelier 58

Una din creatile mele pe care le gasiti la Atelier 58

Bratara NADA

Cristale swarovski de pe una din creatile pe care le gasiti la Atelier 58

Rochie de seara semnata Maria Brunette

De pe balcon

Genti,pantofi si accesorii

Bratara semnata Cecilia de Kapotzin

Maria Brunette este un tanar designer din Timisoara.Am cunoscut-o acum 2 ani and -am presentat ca model colectia de licenta si am ramas foarte impresionata de pasiunea ei pentru detalii si materialele vaporoase pe care le folosea.
Pe data de 1 septembrie si-a deschis propriul boutique in Piata Unirii pe strada George Cosbuc nr.3 langa Domul Catolic.Boutiqueul gazduieste atit creatiile proprii,precum si cele ale altor tineri designeri cum ar fi Elena Puiu,Nada, Cecilia de Kapotzin si mai recent creatiile mele.
Am intrebat-o pe Maria ce a motivat-o sa deschida acest boutique unic in Timisoara.Mi-a raspuns simplu:''anti fast fashion'',un raspuns care ma bucurat foarte mult.
Noi, designerii din Timisoara ii multimim pentru posibilitatea de a ne expune creatiile si va asteptam cu drag la un ceai intr-un spatiu dedicat pasionatilor de moda.
Boutiqueul este deschis si pentru alti tineri designeri care vor sa isi expuna creatiile.
Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to acknowledge that designs move from catwalk to store in the fastest time to capture current trends in the market. This has developed from a product-driven concept based on a manufacturing model referred to as "quick response" developed in the U.S. in the 1980s and moved to a market based model of "fast fashion" in the late 1990s and first part of the 21st century. Zara has been at the forefront of this fashion retail revolution and their brand has almost become synonymous with the term but there were other retailers who worked with the concept before the label was applied such as Benetton. Fast fashion has also become associated with disposable fashion because it has delivered designer product to a mass market at relatively low prices. Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing collections which are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at Fashion Week in both the spring and the autumn of every year. These trends are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current clothing styles at a lower price. This philosophy of quick manufacturing at an affordable price is used in large retailers such as H&M, Zara,Peacocks , and Topshop. It particularly came to the fore during the vogue for "boho chic" in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.

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